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History and origin of the Samoyed dog

Samoyed dogs are native to Siberia – where extremely cold climates are extremely severe, the temperature can be as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

In 1889, when explorer Robert Scott visited this land, he was impressed with the image of snow-white Samoyed puppies. Then Robert Scott brought a few babies to breed.
Since then, Samoyed is bred and widely available around the world.

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Appearance characteristics of Samoyed dogs

Thanks to her cute and cute appearance, Samoyed looks like she soon conquered everyone’s hearts. To recognize a purebred Samoyed puppy, pay attention to a few basic traits below:

In terms of appearance, Samoyed possesses a neat, healthy physique, always full of vitality. The size of an adult puppy is:

• Children: 48-53cm high, 16-20kg in weight.
• Males: 53-60cm tall, weighing 20-30kg.

This little puppy has a small head and is covered with lots of hair around it. The puppy’s eyes are slightly narrowed, the black eyes flicker looks extremely fast. Samoyed dog’s nose is black, small but very audible. Their ears are moderately sized triangles and are always upturned.

The Samoyed dog’s legs are straight, the hind legs look a bit short. The dog’s tail is long and often arched towards the back, the lower part of the tail is heavily ruffled.
The most prominent feature of the Samoyed puppies is in their extremely thick, white fur. Their feathers are divided into several layers, intertwined:

• The outer coat is extremely soft, slightly ruffled.
• The inner coat is pressed against the skin.

With such feathers, you understand why Samoyed can cope with such cold weather? However, hair care for Samoyed is quite difficult because their hair is often shed seasonally.

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Character characteristics of the Samoyed dog



Before becoming a favorite pet, the little Samoyed did many jobs to help hunters and fishermen. They can pull wagons on snow, look after furniture, houses …
This poodle is very diligent, and it does the job well at all times. As long as the master gave the order, Samoyed would surely obey.


Samoyed puppies are very friendly, close to humans, especially children. Anyone can get acquainted with this furry friend, even strangers who have only met a few times. That is why the Samoyed breed is rarely used as a watchdog.

Smart, dynamic

The Samoyed is a very intelligent, sophisticated breed. They have the ability to understand human emotions through facial expressions, action gestures. If you’re sad, Samoyed will come up with enough fun to make you happy.
The dogs of Siberia are very active and they are always full of life. Samoyed likes to play in a large space, with small children as well. In addition, you can play games with your puppy such as: throwing balls, chasing… Because these are the games that Samoyed especially loves.

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Dog Samoyed is sometimes mischievous, thinking up many funny tricks to make his owner happy. Sometimes, they snuggle, swooping into you like children. Their faces always have funny expressions and are extremely cute.


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