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Origin, origin “super dog” Alaska

The Alaskan dog, also known as the Alaskan Malamute, is the ancestor of a wild wolf, domesticated by the Malamute clan to become a pet. However, before becoming a popular pet in the home, Alaskan dogs also had to go through a difficult and challenging process.

It is documented that the nomads of Eskimos discovered the breed’s toughness and endurance to cross-breed them with several other breeds and produce a large, healthy generation of Alaskan dogs. Its main purpose is to tow a car on the snow.

alaska dog pictures

Later, this breed was raised and trained by the Alaskan people and gradually became popular throughout the United States. In 1935, the Alaskan dog was recognized by the AKC – American Dog Association as an official breed worldwide.

World War II period from 1940 – 1945 is considered the darkest period for Alaskan dogs when they are carried by US troops to fight on battlefields.

The war is over, Alaskan dog populations are reduced so much that they are at risk of permanent extinction. Only then did the Americans realize how serious the problem had become and began breeding this precious dog to protect the breed.

Finally, through many ups and downs and centuries, to this day the Alaskan dog has been popular globally and became one of the most loved pets while still playing the role of the great trailer “on the snowy roads. It can be said that rare breeds of dogs have a long history and strong existence as Alaska.

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Characteristics of Alaskan dogs

Because of the ancestor is a snow wolf, the appearance of the Alaskan dog has many similarities. Alaskan dogs are usually tall and strong. Alaskan dogs are divided into 3 main types:

• Alaska Standard dog.
• Large Standard Alaska Dog.
• Alaska Giant.

The average height and weight of this breed is between 65 and 70 cm and 45 to 50 kg. In Alaska, Giant can be up to 1m tall and weigh 80kg. In general, this dog has a fairly well-proportioned body, a large skeleton with extremely strong joints due to having been forged by long ago towing work.

The coat of the Alaskan dog is also a remarkable point. Alaskan dogs possess a variety of coat colors such as white, black and white, reddish-brown, bronze, pink, … However, whatever their body color, their snout, and 4 legs are always available. the characteristic white does not change. This is also a sign to identify the purebred Alaska dog.

alaska dog backgrounds

Similar to the Husky, the Alaskan dog also has 2 coatings to adapt to cold weather, including a thick inner coat that helps keep the body warm and a longer outer coat, ruffled cotton to waterproof. country.

When looking directly at the Alaskan dogs, you will see that they exude a lovely look because of their big cheeks, almond-shaped eyes diagonal on the skull, purebred Alaskan eyes are dark brown or chestnut. Conversely, if Alaskan dogs have blue eyes, they will be considered non-pure. Their ears are moderately large and have fluff on the brim.

Alaska dog’s muzzle is neither too long nor too short, even looking a bit fat, and the fur on the muzzle is white. The nostrils are quite large and have a pink color in the middle which looks extremely cute.

As for the tail, this is probably the cutest part on the Alaskan dog’s body because they look like a cotton mop with super thick and ruffled fur. The tail of Alaskan dogs is usually curled up towards the body. If you see an Alaskan dog whose tail is lowered, this Alaskan dog has been crossed.

alaska dog desktop wallpapers


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