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History of Aston Martin

Aston Martin, one of the most prestigious car brands in the world, despite being handed over by more than half a dozen owners over the past nine decades, has always earned the respect in the world car industry.

Aston Martin, one of the most prestigious car brands in the world, despite being handed over by more than half a dozen owners over the past nine decades, has always earned the respect in the world car industry.

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In 1914, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford jointly built a model and called it the Aston Martin. Aston is taken from Lionel Martin’s victory in the Aston hill climb race in Hertfordshire, the vicinity of the city

London. After World War I, initial success appeared. In 1922, the racing cars built by two people continuously broke 10 world speed records at that time. However, that did not mean profits and the company went bankrupt in 1925.

The Charnwood family, which poured heavily into the company, took over and recruited Augustus Cesare Bertelli, a genius engineer, to build cars like International, Le Mans, and Ulster, names often sung on the podium. the glory of the track, attracting the most prestigious racers to Aston. However, that did not prevent the company from being traded again in 1932.
After World War II, a new owner named David Brown acquired Aston Martin. David Brown gets rich from making tractors and other farm machinery. In 1950, the DB2 (DB stands for David Brown) was launched and was immediately successful, both on the racetrack and on the market. In 1958, the DB4 masterpiece was released. Encouraged by the above success, David Brown decided to build more cars to participate in the world motorsport championship. Aston won the tournament in 1959 with the DBR1 and finished first at the Le Mans race in the same year.

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The 1960s was the time when the DB5 and DB6 cars and then the DB6 Volante soft roof was released. However, it was the appearance alongside James Bond in the Goldfinger episode that raised Aston Martin’s reputation more than any other opponent. In the film, the DB5 that 007 controls are equipped with a machine gun, the number plate changes by button, armored, has a smokescreen, lubricates the road, and can eject the driver’s seat in an emergency level like on a fighter plane. Suddenly Aston Martin became familiar in every corner of America and everyone wanted one. It was the peak of Aston Martin.

Things got worse in the 1970s. In 1972, David Brown sold the company. A series of vehicles with powerful but gas-consuming V8 engines put the company in a difficult position, as the world was in conflict over oil and strict emissions regulations began. Production fell to a few dozen vehicles, the company was sold to a group of investors, before changing hands again in 1981. Difficulties continued until 1987 when Ford Motor jumped in and bought 75. % ownership of Aston Martin. With strong support from the second largest giant in the auto industry at that time, the company suddenly found stability. In 1993, Aston Martin launched the DB7, which quickly achieved unprecedented success in company history. In 1994, Ford acquired Aston Martin.

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While the parent company started to decline over the years, Aston Martin has become one of the more solidly successful luxury brands. In 2001, Aston Martin launched the Vanquish, one of the most beautiful designs ever. Vanquish’s appearances in Die Another Day and DBS in Casino Royale, the two latest episodes of 007, have Aston Martin back some of the visuals it had created in the ’60s with Goldfinger.

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Birth of the logo


The name Aston Martin was originally written with a hyphen in the middle and was dropped when it first changed hands in 1925. By 1930, this spelling was re-used in a few advertisements. When he bought the company after World War II, David Brown removed the dash and added behind the new models two letters DB, short for his name. This writing is also used today.
At the production of the first car, Lionel Martin chose the logo as a circle with the letters AM interlocking. In 1928, the new style logo debuted with the letter Aston Martin written on a design of wide wings. Until 1930, this logo style remained the same but with stylized wings. By 1932, the logo we see today appeared: With its wings outstretched and the word Aston Martin, written with a dash, mounted in the center.


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