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Where do poodle dogs come from?

Poodle dog is a name derived from the German sound “Pudel”, which means “diver” or “amphibious dog”. This species also has many other names such as Chien Canne, Barbone, Tea Cup Poodle, Pudel, Teddy Poodle, … However, in Vietnam we are used to calling them by the familiar and short name Poodle. So where did the Poodle come from? The information partly tells the origin of this bonsai.

The Poodle is actually a breed used exclusively for hunting waterfowl species, the main of which is duck hunting. So, in the West, it is still called a duck hunting breed. And the first place where the ancestor of Poodle appeared was in Western European countries from at least 400 years ago.

However, the real and most specific origin of Poodle is still a controversial issue in Western European countries such as Denmark, France, Germany. Because every country thinks that this breed appeared for the first time in that country because it is not known exactly which country Poodle appeared for the first time in any country.

Origin of the Poodle

The Poodle’s multi-generation ancestor is believed to be the French Water Dog, Barbet, and Hungarian Water Hound breeds. The purebred poodle is believed to be descended from the above breeds because Poodle currently has many species with slightly different sizes and characteristics.

Initially, the Poodle was shaped like a true hunter in cold climates. They cut the Poodle’s coat like wool and left thick hair on the joints to protect the Poodle from cold.

They are used not only to hunt ducks but also to participate in forest hunting, waterbird hunting, and to smell forest mold.

The first Poodles discovered in France were raised and trained to perform circus performances because their intelligence is very high.

In other countries, Poodle has been bred for many different sizes but as recently, the Poodle is the most popular poodle with a trait suitable for keeping in partnership with humans. And it has been found that this is really a pet dog that is very suitable for domestic raising, friendly with humans, making life in the family more energetic instead of just being used for purposes. hunt ducks like their ancestors.

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Characteristics of the Poodle dog

It is no coincidence that from a Poodle, a duck hunting dog is “special” brought into the family to live happily and upscale families. This comes from their very cute looks and personalities.

If we analyze and list, we will see that Poodle has the following basic characteristics:

– The characteristic thick curly coat:

All dogs have fur, even many breeds have thick and beautiful fur, but only Poodle has a characteristic thick curly coat. They remind us of the main sheep because of this curly coat.

Previously, Poodle’s feathers were only neatly trimmed to avoid entanglement and obscuring other parts because the Poodle’s body was basically quite small. However, recently, Poodle has been “styled” in many different styles, but basically, all create for Poodle a very cute and easily emotional look.

The coat color of each Poodle is suitable for their skin color, which can be named as silver-green, black, cowhide, gray, cream, red, white, brown, milk coffee, … But the hairy Poodle Ruffled white and silver skin are always the most popular pet “babies”.

A characteristic feature of the coat of Poodle is that the hair on the head can grow long like human hair, unlike other breeds that usually only grow to a certain length, then stop.

Furthermore, the Poodle’s shedding level is quite small, it can be said that they rarely lose hair during the year, unless it is the moulting period that does not molt as much as other breeds.

– The size of the Poodle:

The poodle has a fairly small average size, the normal size can reach 10 inches (25.4 cm equivalent) in height. The standard size Poodle (standard) is about 35 – 45cm, the mini Poodle has the size from 28 – 35cm, the Toy Poodle size 25cm is the most ideal and the weight is about 3 – 4kg.

– Other body characteristics:

  • The Poodle’s skull is moderately rounded
  • Muzzle long and straight
  • The oval eyes are well spaced and usually have two primary colors: black or brown
  • Ears are close to the head and are long and flat
  • Poodle’s forelegs are very symmetrical and in harmony with the size of the body
  • The tail is facing up
  • Small, oval-shaped feet, slightly arched toes, well-developed, muscular upper thighs
  • Poodle skin layer is quite soft, elastic, and clearly pigmented
  • The Poodle’s buttocks are round, arched and not sagging
  • Poodle’s gait and movement are light, fun, and fun.

– Character:

The poodle is generally very friendly, fun, fast, and sociable. They are quite easy in “everything”, from eating to other care regimens because they are basically highly adaptable to new living environments.

– Temperament:

The poodle is known for being loyal, intelligent, learning, and exceptionally alert. Therefore, the Poodle is considered by most breeders to be easy to train, easy to keep, and very likable.

However, Poodle is often corrected and if pissed off they will get angry more easily than usual, especially when it is a stranger. So, when buying purebred poodle you should pay attention to learn the “temperament” of each animal to buy the most suitable.

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