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BLACKPINK – ‘Lovesick Girls’

BLACKPINK officially released the MV Lovesick Girls – the title song of the album. This is the 3rd music product in 2020 of the YG girl group, THE ALBUM is also the first complete album in the girls’ 4-year career.
Thought the MV Lovesick Girls would be a sad love story of 4 falling in love, who would have expected the truth not as fans imagined! MV is mixed between bright and dark and heavy pastel tones. The “folding crab” is that BLACKPINK experiences a sad and melancholic love scene and realizes … only they can bring happiness to each other, through which the scenes are not as dark or sad as in the teaser.

In the MV, the 4 girls change the level of emotions from love to strange boys to get angry, smash them and “turn the heat”. The beauty and outfit of BLACKPINK are even more unconvinced. Everyone was ecstatic, changing 7749 outfits that satisfied fans.

The song “ Lovesick Girls ” attracts attention because there is a cult DJ David Guetta who participated in composing with YG “familiar” producers such as Teddy, Danny Chung, 24, … Jennie and Jisoo also contributed to writing and composing music, this is the first time that the BLACKPINK member has engaged in song production.

The main melody of Lovesick Girls is the guitar, but the song is not gentle, but very catchy, joyful with the fast tempo of the chorus. The lyrics ask why people are hurt by love but still seek love. Overall, this is an easy-to-listen, easy-to-listen song that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by both Korean and international audiences.

With the MV “ Lovesick Girls ”, BLACKPINK has earned about 1.7 million views broadcast live. Thereby, they have not been able to break BTS’s record for the MV with the most live viewers (over 3 million with MV Dynamite).

A few hours before the music video was broadcast, YG announced that BLACKPINK’s full album THE ALBUM exceeded 1 million copies worldwide. The number of pre-orders in Korea up to 670,000 copies, while pre-orders in the US and Europe is 340,000 copies. The limited-edition LP special has also sold 18,888 copies.

THE ALBUM became the highest pre-order record of a Kpop girl group, thereby BLACKPINK became the first Korean girl group in history to have more than 1 million pre-order copies. Hopefully, the view achievement of the MV Lovesick Girls will extend the 4 girls’ brilliant record series!


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