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Ferrari – a famous car brand in the world. Referring to this name, customers not only remember the number 1 high-performance cars in the world but it also represents charm, money, and real life.

The story of the brand with the Prancing Horse logo is really emotional, interesting by its enduring and inspirational nature.

Enzo Ferrari

The brand from Italy is widely known by customers all over the world. However, not many people know that Ferrari’s origins began with the ups and downs of the man’s Enzo Ferrari life.

Enzo Ferrari at 18/2/1898 in Modena (Italy) in a middle-class, well-off family. His family was among the first car owners in the city. Perhaps that is why, right from his childhood, this man had a burning passion for cars.

Enzo’s happy days passed quickly when his father and brother were both sacrificed in the first world war. Ferrari’s founder had to drop out of school to take over the family business. He later enlisted in the army and suffered severe injuries and was quickly removed from the army.

In 1918, when he was just 20 years old, Enzo joined CMN’s test-driving team and began his life attached to his cars.

Over the years, this man achieved great success both as a driver and running a business. In 1929, Enzo founded a company called Scuderia Ferrari, whose core job was to sponsor racers and racing cars before they were put into service.

In 1946, he founded the Ferrari S.p.A brand with the main business of producing cars.

ferrari 458 red front view

Ferrari – The journey to the billion-dollar brand

The year 1947 is a very important milestone when the first Ferrari car was introduced to the public called the 125 S, equipped with a 1.5L V12 engine.

A few years later, Luigi Chinetti – A famous racer with a close relationship with Enzo Ferrari, suggested that Ferrari S.p.A should produce powerful cars for masses of customers.

Although Enzo did not immediately agree because he thought his company should only focus on racing teams, but this event was also important in laying the foundation for a global Ferrari brand as it is now.

In the early 1950s, Luigi Chinetti opened a Showroom and distributed the first Ferrari in the US market. Immediately, he achieved great success and the great popularity of American customers for cars from the country of pasta.

ferrari enzo redThis has a great impact on the way and direction of development of Ferrari. Especially in the early 1960s, the products bearing the logo “horse” won one championship after another on the tracks. Thereby, the company’s name has become famous all over the world.

After that, another famous car brand named Ford expressed its desire to acquire Ferrari. However, Enzo refused. This incident touched the self-esteem of the famous man who ran Ford then, Henry Ford II. He spent a lot of money and effort to beat the Ferrari.

And Ford was successful, before the great power of the US company, Ferrari became exhausted on the tracks and lost the lead from 1966 to 1969.

Under the overwhelming pressure, Enzo knew he needed the resources to survive and thrive. This led to Ferrari “sold itself” 50% stake to FIAT. Since then, Ferrari is only half that of its founder.

By 1973, Ferrari had pulled out of the sports car segment completely and produced only a few models for newcomers to races from time to time as something of the past. The company now focuses on Formula 1 races only.

In 1988, Enzo Ferrari died, at the age of 90. Before leaving forever, he built the last car to celebrate 40 glorious years of the company called Ferrari F40. This car is always appreciated and considered one of the most memorable products throughout the history of the company.

Then, the veteran director Luca di Montezemolo took over the helm at Ferrari. With his intelligence, cunning, and shrewdness, this man has steered Ferrari to become a famous and loved brand all over the world. On the Formula 1 front, the company is still very successful when it won 8 world championships from 1999 to 2008.

From a tiny start, the brand is now valued at $ 27 billion – a whopping number. In particular, at the recent Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Brand Finance (a consulting firm and brand valuation) announced the annual research results of Brand Finance Global 500 2019.

Ferrari – The name of money, power, and position

ferrari car images

Today, Ferrari is remembered not only as a mere car brand. This is also a symbol of the values of the upper classes of society. Qualities such as money, power, and fame are associated with the “horse” logo.

Every Ferrari car is always the dream of many customers around the world. In addition, we can see the image of this brand also appears in souvenirs, jewelry, clothes … etc. This shows the far-reaching influence of the name – Ferrari.


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