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Singer Profile Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi was born in 2001, whose real name is Ennik Somi Douma with Korean and Canadian bloodline, inheriting the beauty of two bloodlines, a hybrid angel with gentle beauty and a charming appearance that always attracts the eyes of the media and the public. Somi was known through two programs SIXTEEN, Produce 101, and then was a key member of the popular girl group I.O.I.

Biography Somi

  • Real name: Ennik Somi Douma
  • Korean name: Jeon Somi
  • Year of birth: March 9, 2001
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Hometown: Canada
  • Profession: Singer, actor
  • From the contestant who was eliminated from TWICE to the Champion of “Produce 101”

The art path is a long process and never easy, few people have succeeded in the first place, for Somi, too, beautiful, talented but perhaps she lacks a bit of luck in the first days of limping on the journey to become a star.

After nearly 2 years as a trainee in JYP company, Somi participated in the critically evaluated reality TV show organized by the big man of the JYP entertainment industry – “SIXTEEN”.

15 people, 15 personalities are also rivals. Through many rounds of exams, Somi has always proved to be a talented singer, with courage and confidence, she was highly appreciated by her seniors as well as president Park Jin Young. Thought Somi had won and become a piece of TWICE, but in the last round she could not catch this opportunity and gave way to her teammates in the fans’ regret. grave as well as Some herself.

However, this door closed and another door opened, the opportunity once again came to Somi when the show Produce 101 was held to find members for girl group I.O.I. The hybrid angel Somi became the representative of JYP to participate in this fierce selection. In episode 1, when showing her talent, Somi got straight into the class, but this rank was met with many other trainees’ reactions because they thought that Somi was in the top entertainment company. be favored like that. Because of the jealousy as well as the highly competitive side of the contest, Somi has to spend twice as much effort, double perseverance and succeed even more in order to be seen with different eyes and recognized her ability. .

And this time, she was fortunate to smile at Somi when she broke out into the top position of Produce 101, outstripping many other talented and powerful competitors to become the “center” of the national group I.O.I. Having grown more mature when overcoming two challenges from two big shows, Somi proves her strong charisma when becoming more mature, improving her appearance as well as her singing and dancing abilities. The beautiful hybrid rose is considered the goddess of the new generation of Kpop and receives much love and admiration from a large audience.

As the ace of the group, Somi and the rest of the members have been together for almost a year. Although they are just a project group and have a short term, they are a formidable opponent that TWICE must be wary of. Possessing outstanding achievements such as being in the top-selling albums, high-ranking songs and owning a large number of fans, if maintained for a long time, IOI predicts that it will be completely possible to become one of the top female groups.

Somi becomes a solo singer

After the regretful disbandment of the group I.O.I, Somi returned to being a trainee of JYP. She is continued to promote her name by the company when she regularly appears in prestigious gameshow projects, shoots ads, and is expected to be the center of a new group. Everyone is anxious about Somi’s explosive promising comeback but unexpectedly Somi terminated her contract with JYP. Shortly after, the media confirmed that Somi had signed a contract with YG’s “subsidiary”, The Black Label, to officially share the house with Blackpink and will debut as a solo singer.
On June 13, Somi made her solo debut with a single titled “Birthday”, and at the same time, she also voiced out the rumors of disagreement or the reason for leaving the old company: “Before music, we have different directions. We went through a lot of discussions before I left There was no conflict between me and JYP, and both sides were cheering for each other when I left the company I cheered for JYP and probably JYP did too. the same, similar”.

In early 2020, Somi participated in the reality show I am Somi, mainly revolving around the life and work of the female singer, which attracted many audiences interested in each episode, also from here many people realized the Somi’s carefree, cheerful and energetic manner so she has a lot of fans for her.

Jeon Somi will also have a comeback in the near future, let’s wait and see. Hopefully, in the near future, Somi will increasingly mature on her artistic path and have songs that will regularly top the charts, beloved by a large number of listeners, and reap much success in life.

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