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At the 2019 Bangkok International Motor Show, many guests were choked when the Aventador SVJ 2020 appeared. This is the last “successor” of the illustrious Lamborghini Aventador line before being replaced by a new generation of supercars.

Aventador SVJ supercar is limited to 963 units worldwide
The Aventador SVJ supercar is limited to 963 units worldwide. After Malaysia, Thailand is the second country in Southeast Asia fortunately to witness the super product using the “pure” V12 engine block.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has a starting price of $ 517,700. Lamborghini Aventador is a famous model for customers who are conditional and passionate about speed. Therefore, customers can order through private or genuine dealers to bring the car home.

lamborghini aventador svj photography

Born with the mission of a true racing car, Aventador SVJ 2020 is increasingly perfecting itself under the hands of talented engineers.

Thanks to the significant weight reduction, the car only weighs 1525 kg, which is too ideal for speed drifting.

The Aventador SVJ has a “handsome” but no less elegant appearance. The chassis of the car is created with a perfect ratio, the car has an overall size of 4943 x 2273 x 1136 mm.

The front end looks too impressive with meticulous cuts. Two anti-collision bumpers form beautiful black deep air intakes. If you pay attention, one will teach a thick layer of silver covered in the front bumper with a calculated convex.

The car’s black phase is shaped like a brilliant diamond. Looking deeply through the glass compartment are tiny shadows and beautiful LED strips. Right next to it are 2 air vents that lead the airflow to the hood to help the car have more rest and better grip.

lamborghini aventador svj photoshoot

The capo of the Aventador SVJ can be pleasing to the eye with its smooth and eye-catching roof. The focus is on forward and slightly downwards.

The hip part of the supercar is sexy with straight lines. Right behind the interconnected door is a diffuser that is protruding high upwards to make the car look cooler. The highlight is the rearview mirror and the door is made of luxury carbon material.

The door handle on the Aventador SVJ disappears and is replaced with a cloth one. The entire body of the pit is placed on an extremely large set of wheels, the front is a set of 20-inch wheels, the rear is even larger with 21 inches. The Rearview mirror can fold-power.

The tail of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2020 has a very sophisticated and sophisticated shape. The most valuable detail is the ALA aerodynamic system with carbon blades. Just accelerate, this mechanism will open the wing to limit drag to help the car glide very quickly.

The car compartment is divided into 3 parts, parts such as taillights, exhaust pipes are located deep inside. The car has daring herringbone-style taillights, a rugged rear bumper with impressive vertical split wings.

lamborghini aventador svj lockscreen

The interior compartment of the super-product Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2020 scores in the owner’s heart thanks to its top-notch interior architecture. The lines are embroidered red along the door wall, seat, and dashboard to enhance personality and pride.

The most notable is the white-red SVJ logo on the seat. This is considered one of the important factors to distinguish this variant from other versions. The wheelbase of the car is 2700 mm long, enough to accommodate the long reclining benches.
In the driver’s seat, users can touch the bottom three-spoke steering wheel. The center console is full of herringbone-inspired controls.

The central armrest connects to the main shaft of the master thread, while the armrest can still flexibly adjust or turn the knobs.

The seat system is designed in a race car style by Lamborghini, Alcantara leather seats, carbon fiber back seat offers an enjoyable experience. Just stretch your legs and depress the gas as much as possible, the whole body will be firmly seated and not thrown out.

lamborghini aventador svj home screen

In addition to the standard safety features, Aventador SVJ focuses on improving two safety systems, including anti-lock brakes and anti-slip. Therefore, users can rest assured when driving harshly or moving quickly on slippery roads.


Lamborghini Aventador SVJ had a very spectacular and memorable goodbye in Thailand with the equipment that could not be more impressive. Although it is the last model of the Aventador era, this is probably the name that the racers can hardly forget.

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