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Are you looking for Pug Dog  Wallpapers For Desktop, iPhone and Mobile Phone? Now it’s easy! Here are handpicked Best HD Pug Wallpapers For your device.pug dog wallpapers

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Features of the pug:

The pug has a broad skeleton, shoulders wider than hips. Short legs, big and thick neck. Many fat Pug dogs also have loose skin on their necks and legs. The pug tail is short and usually curled on the back. They have a thin coat, rub their skin, so it takes very little grooming. However, they often play with dirt and love to pee, so they often have to bathe.

Pug dogs personality:

The pug is classified as a companion dog, they are very close, affectionate, and bonded with their owners. They like to attract attention and want their owners to appreciate praise or pat their heads. Pug dogs are also very playful, they can play with all other pets when allowed outside, but it should not be a problem to be locked in the house for too long. Especially, they are not destructive, do not forgive things, do not bite or tear things, so they are very suitable for raising in apartments or small rooms in the city.

Since they have been a noble breed for thousands of years, the pug can hardly watch the house and can do nothing but eat, play, and sleep =)) The pug can be considered the “pinnacle” of laziness. . They are also very greedy, eat a lot, and eat them so they are not difficult to care for. However, because they are both lazy and greedy, they are very obese, you should let them walk or play with them regularly to avoid excess fat accumulation.

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Living conditions of the pug:

Pug dogs are suitable for small apartments, like warm weather and too hot or too cold they do not like, pug dogs often suffer from allergies and their respiratory tract because their nose is too short, especially when the room is too short. your space is not clear.

How to raise a Pug:

Keeping pug dogs is not difficult, they do not need to go out much, do not need to go out for walks and exercise for hours every day. They are also not fussy eaters, can eat everything you give, but the diet needs to be high in protein, low in starch because it can cause obesity – the most common health problem of pugs in cities. 15 – 20 minutes of exercise or play a day is necessary to keep your body slim, light, and active.

In the summer, they should be kept indoors most of the day, and should only be allowed to play out in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is no longer harsh. Winter should be warm, avoid letting them go out in the rain, if their fur is wet, they need to be dried to avoid colds.

The pug’s fur is naturally thin and smooth, so there is no need to groom it, but it loves to be cuddled, petted, or massaged. The pug does not need a lot of baths if in a clean environment. However, because they often roll around, if you often let them go out, you need to bathe them regularly, about once every 1-2 months. After bathing, it should be dried to avoid catching a cold.


I hope you all enjoyed this collection of Pug Dog wallpapers.

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