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Introduction – TIGERS

Tiger named Panthera tigris – a species of largest mammal of the genus Panthera, family Cat (Felidae). They are also known with other names are tigers, and nicknames “The Mountain God”.

Tiger is a fierce predator, easily identified with dark stripes on orange, white, or gray fur and the belly is usually white fur. The colors on the body make it easy for them to camouflage in the grasslands.

The largest of the wild cats, the tiger’s body is very muscular with strong limbs and a long tail. Their pelvis is also heavy and thick, allowing them to move quickly to chase prey.

The tiger’s head is quite large with sharp eyes with round pupils and yellow eyes. The anterior longitudinal bridge is slightly concave due to their skull structure. The small ears on the head have small white spots and a black border around them like ocelli eyes that play a quite important role in distracting opponents.

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The mouth of this animal has long fangs (up to 90mm), sharp and slightly curved, around with long antennae, this feature is more prominent in males. Their neck hair grows longer than other parts like a mane.

In terms of size, males will be larger than females. The males can even be 1.7 times heavier than the female tigers.

Normally, male tigers will be 250-390cm in size and weigh 90 – 306kg. Meanwhile, females are usually 200 – 275cm long and weigh about 65 – 167kg. Their tail is usually 60 – 110cm long. In the wild, the Siberian tigers are the largest with a length of up to 3.5m and a weight of up to 300kg.
Living behavior of tigers
The tigers are mostly active during the day and they usually rest at night. Like other species of the Meo family, tigers are also capable of climbing trees, but they are not dexterous and due to their great weight, climbing is rare. There are some special cases where they climb trees to hunt monkeys.

In addition, tigers are also capable of swimming very well and they often bathe in rivers and lakes on hot days. This animal was once recorded to be able to swim across 7km wide rivers and swim 29km a day.

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The active territory of a tiger population is very large, one that can be dispersed over an area of ​​up to 650 square kilometers.

Unlike lions, adult tigers often live and hunt alone. They are usually only active in their own territory and the size of the living area will depend on the abundance of food. They often use urine and anal secretions to mark their territory.

Ungulates such as deer, wild boar, gaur, … are tiger’s favorite food. Like other carnivores, tigers often patiently wait for prey and attack suddenly. The sharp claws will cling to the prey, while the tiger will also use its mouth to bite and use its body strength to knock it down.

With very strong jaws, tiger’s long fangs can tear the prey meat easily. In addition, they also occasionally eat fruit to supplement fiber for the body.


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