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Yasuo Biographie

Yasuo is a determined man, a nimble swordsman who knows how to use the wind to slay his enemies. Ironically, this proud hero has been falsely accused of causing him not only to lose all of his reputations but also to struggle to escape from pursuit. When the world has turned its back on him, he is forced to do everything he can to regain his honor, as well as drag the true villain to the light of justice.

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Once a talented pupil at the renowned Ionian Sword School, Yasuo was the only person of an entire age to successfully practice the legendary wind technique. Many firmly believe that his destiny is to be a great hero. But, everything changed completely when the Noxians invaded. Yasuo was entrusted with the task of protecting Elder Ionia, and then, his foolish confidence that his sword alone was more than enough to make a difference, prompted him to leave his position to join the fight. By the time he returned, the Elder had become a soulless corpse.
Ashamed, Yasuo confessed, fully enlightened, willing to bear all the penalties, even for his own life. However, he was dumbfounded to learn that the crime was not only negligence but was also accused of being the culprit of the assassination. Though confused and agonized over his sins, he knew that assassins would be able to relax on their own if he accepted the punishment in their place. Yasuo swung his sword against the academy to escape, regardless of the action that would cause even Ionia to turn his back on him. For the first time in his whole life, he was truly alone, but he still had to set out to find the true culprit who actually murdered the Elder.
Yasuo became a traveler for the next several years, all for a single purpose, searching for any clues that would help find the villain. That is the target ahead, and behind him is always followed by ancient allies, and the result can only be one, dead enemy we live. Without any other choice but to move on, until one day, when the enemy he never wanted to confront the most, appeared – his brother, Yone.

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Bound by the same sacred ritual, both heroes bowed and drew their swords. In the silence, the two swirled around each other in the moonlight. As the two dashed together, Yone was not a rival to Yasuo with a single slash of the cold steel sword, he slaughtered his brother. The sword slipped out of Yasuo’s hand, and he rushed back to Yone. He must know, in a rush of emotion, why his own flesh could think he did it. Yone was dying: “The elder was slaughtered by a great wind technique. Who else could it be? Shocked, Yasuo immediately realized why he was accused of that crime. While asking for his brother’s forgiveness, he swore his innocence. Tears rolled down Yasuo’s cheeks, as his brother closed his eyes and slipped away forever.
Yasuo buried Yone at dawn but didn’t even have time to mourn. Someone will continue to be sent to hunt him. The last words of his brother gave him a precious clue to the evil culprit. After gathering his belongings, he looked back at Yone’s grave for the last time and made an oath, then resumed his journey with the winds.

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